Quest expands Knapp timber connectors range to include connecting systems for timber construction

Quest, based in Buckinghamshire, has expanded their Knapp range to include the full range of connecting systems for the timber construction industry.

The new range includes the, RICON®, RICON S®, WALCO® 40,  WALCO® V, GIGANT, and MEGANT® connectors, these can all be used to connect wood, concrete or steel. Knapp is an Austrian timber connector brand with 30 years’ experience of developing connecting systems for timber buildings. All Knapp connecters offer fast assembly and are also demountable. Knapp connecting systems are widely used for timber construction projects across Europe with a particularly strong presence in Austria, Germany, Italy and France, with other distribution partners throughout the world, including the US and Canada. KNAPP® Connecting Systems provide total or part prefabrication depending on project requirements and are compliant with (ETA) European Certification and have CE-marking.

RICON® is the connector for main and secondary beams up to 26kN. RICON® allows for slim profiles with timber 50mm upwards. RICON® is fire resistant (DIN4102-2) with 4 sided concealed mounting and can be used with all wood materials, steel and concrete without the need for screwing.

The heavy load main and secondary beam connector RICON® S consists of two identical connector plates, made of galvanized steel. The plates are screwed on to the timber, steel and / or concrete components. The components are joined as the plates hook into each other in a dove tail-like manner. The RICON® S is used in residential and commercial timber construction, as well as engineered timber structures. The RICON® S – System holds up to 110kN, the connectors can be installed fully concealed or visible with only 25mm (1 ½”) of travel required to engage.

WALCO® 40 is the wall connector for timber frame and wood panel construction up to 10kN. It´s a plug connection – the wall parts are assembled without screwing. Self-tightening, stable and invisible from the first corner on.

The WALCO® V is used for prefab buildings, construction walls up to 14 KN and timber width from   80 mm upwards.

GIGANT Connecting System – the founder of connectors for timber construction. It was the first connector to be installed with screws in perpendicular direction in the end grain and revolutionized the timber construction Industry. The GIGANT connecting system consists of two identical connector brackets made of steel. The brackets are recessed and screwed onto the timber components. The timbers are joined as the brackets hook into each other in a dove tail-like manner. The GIGANT is used in timber structures, such as canopies, pergolas, sunrooms, timber homes and even engineered timber structures and provides high tolerances . It is used in countless projects since the year 1998.

MEGANT® is a heavy duty connector for timber construction engineering up to 500kN, with minimum timber widths of 100mm -190mm. MEGANT® is often used to construct mega structures and large scale projects in the commercial and residential market. MEGANT® offers short crane times with a high level of prefabrication.

KNAPP connectors offer solutions for any projects, while remaining aesthetically pleasing and very functional!


Visit Quest at the Timber Expo show, on stand T755 on the 10th -11th of October at the NEC. The Quest stand will feature Knapp connectors used in timber construction projects.


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