Kitchen Hardware

We offer a broad range of kitchen hardware focusing on high quality soft close kitchen hinges, the ConcealX concealed folding doors kits for various kitchen cabinet door sizes and storage racks to enhance space for items or waste bins within kitchen wall units, cabinets, or corner units.

Soft-Close Kitchen Hinges

Our soft close kitchen hinges come in a variety of sizes to suit different kitchen door thicknesses – including 16-26mm door thickness and 19-35mm door thickness.  We also supply a hinge hole router bit at 35mm diameter as well as soft close adapter plates and lay-on hinge easy fits. 

In-Cupboard Storage Systems

As the kitchen is generally the heart of the home, having organised and uncluttered cupboards helps us lead more organised lives.  Our storage systems include elements such as pull-out larder units, anti-slip mats, pull-out waste bin, corner units, stabilising clips, wicker drawer baskets, and beech basket runners.