The Tommafold Bi Fold
system is a wonderful mixture of style and function with incredible build quality, giving not only peace of mind, but great looks too.

Tommafold is an extraordinarily robust system that will allow doors up to 1000mm wide and a weight of up to 120kg per panel.

These incredibly large load capacities coupled with our unique 10 year warranty provide a worry free system that meets  the most extreme demands. When used with quality door panels

Tommafold is truly a system for all seasons without compromising on style. Perfect, if you are looking for a stylish way of creating space.

The carrier sets all feature a non-removable, 10mm diameter, solid stainless steel pin giving each carrier unparalleled strength, stability and reliability that you can trust in.

Tommafold folding door systems come with stylish high quality all metal flush bolts, available as locking and non-locking, these firmly hold the door in place and secure the doors from any pressure on the outside.

A Reliance Secured By Design approved multipoint lock is available to fit with the Tommafold door gear, providing a high security locking system.

Years of development has produced an extremely durable and secure product that is easy to install.

Please call our technical sales
team to discuss your requirements -  01280 822062