Pocket Door Systems

Pocket door kits for both single and double doors offer a door that slides into a ‘pocket’ within a timber or metal stud wall construction. The Quest Hardware range of these door kits provide tradespeople with every component they need to fit neat pocket doors; these are sliding doors that disappear into a cavity in the surrounding wall.


Pocket doors, above all, are a tremendous space saver and with our range of tracks, soft-close kits, hole jigs, and rollers, you will be able to fit most sizes of door with confidence. The modern, trendy, aesthetics and compact dimensions are immediately appreciated. Fitted in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, or lounges, our stylish and easy-to-fit pocket door kits and accessories can be brought securely online here.

You may also want to check out the in depth information and videos on pocket door kits shown on our sister company’s website: Runners Sliding Door Systems.

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