SBD seeks to reduce crime by improving building security and by applying proven crime prevention techniques to the built environment, such as through clever layout and landscaping across a wide range of sectors including housing, commercial, retail, transport, health, education and leisure.
Quest Hardware’s Tommafold bi-fold door gear, has attained secured by design Police preferred Specification status following a review of Tommafold’s PAS 24:2016 test report evidence and Tommafold’s safety features.
The SBD accredited Tommafold gear has a number of security features, including Tommafold locking flush bolts, Tommafold secure hinges and a Quest Reliance D10 multi-point lock.

Security has featured prominently in the design of Tommafold with concealed fixings and no external parts that can be damaged. Tommafold door hinges cannot be removed from the hinge shaft once installed, have a 10mm heavy duty shaft and a security locking screw that’s only accessible from inside the property. Years of development has produced an extremely durable and secure product that is easy to install.

Manufacturers’ products, such as doors and windows, have to pass physical tests to gain PAS 24:2016 or equivalent in order to meet the requirements of Part Q (Security – Dwellings) of the Building Regulations in England. To attain Police Preferred Specification, manufacturers have to go one step further and obtain independent third-party certification from a UK Accreditation Service accredited organisation – requiring regular audits to ensure that product quality is maintained over time, rather than the one-off testing required to meet the Building Regulations.

SBD is the only way for any security products to achieve Police Preferred Specification status.