At Quest Hardware we carry a huge range of sliding door gear and hardware for exterior and interior sliding door applications from our sister company Runners UK. From guide rollers, floor tracks, and both stainless-steel or galvanised metal tracks, to suspension fittings, shackles, hooks, and straining eye bolts, we have all components for industrial sliding doors and overhead track goods-handling systems for assembly line, paint kiln or abattoir users.

Industrial Door Systems - Hardware & Fittings

Door systems that are used in industrial settings need to be secure, robust, and quality.  To help our customer achieve this high standard, we supply the Series 20, 50, 70, and 250 Door System to ensure we can suit all industrial door system needs.

Overhead Track Systems – Hardware & Fitting

As with your door systems, your overhead track system also needs to meet high standards of quality to ensure the safety of those who work with it.  Our range include the Multirail System as well as additional channels and accessories to make your overheard track system an asset to your premises.