Joinery Connectors

Solutions for furniture, staircases and interior design.

Knapp Sunny, Silver, Champ, Metal, Chico, Clips, and FAST are permanent or de mountable biscuit style connectors.

Knapp Duo-System, which includes Duo 30/35 and Uno 30, are ideal connection solutions for frame construction such as beds and tables.

Knapp plastic dowels and sprung steel dowels Tuck and Quick-Set are perfect for carcass construction.

Knapp KLICK System offers all the advantages of a handy snap connector for components with small dimensions, such as moldings.

Knapp Easycon is a non-visible fastener for the assembly of staircases, panels, frames and table legs.

Knapp Treppo are a perfect solution for the levelling of stair treads.


Striplox award winning connectors are perfect for furniture construction and interior design.

Striplox range include - Griplox biscuit connector with bards, Pro 23, Pro 55 and Clip 50 ideal for panelling, batterns, floating shelves, bookcases and artwork frames, 180D perfect for workserfaces and tables and Megalox, Mini 60, Mini 120 and 90D 98 ideal for Furniture and Carcass construction.  

Striplox connectors can be surface or rebate mounted in either vertical or horizontal positions, Joinery applications using Striplox connections also have the added bonus of being either permanent or demount

Zipbolts UT connectors are the perfect solution when fitting Worktops, Furniture and Staircase. The UT connectors have a unique integrated gearing system driven by a universal 5mm hex drive which offers easier, stronger and faster unrivalled tensioning power.