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Tommafod Bi Fold Door System
Runners is a forward thinking, dynamic company based in the heart of England. We have progressively developed a range of sliding door systems, unparalleled for their durability, versatility and simplicity.
Industrial sliding Systems with
capacity upt o 1000kg
Using only the highest quality materials, our systems are built to last, easy to install and offer the best value for money. We recognise that customer service is of utmost importance in today's busy commercial market. To this end Runners has an ongoing programme of continual improvement based on customer feedback. We carry large stocks to enable us to rapidly respond to customer needs. For special requirements and advice our in-house design team is available to help. 
Tommafold Interior Bi Fold Door Systems.
Multirail overhead runway system available exclusively from Runners have been carefully developed to provide effective runway solutions for hundreds of applications including spraybooths, material handling, production lines, abbatoirs etc.
Multirail Overhead Conveyor Solutions